What is the Diabetes MILES Study?

The Diabetes MILES (Management and Impact for Long-term Empowerment and Success) Study is an international collaborative established by Prof Jane Speight, Director of The Australian Centre for Behavioural Research in Diabetes and Prof Frans Pouwer from the Center of Research on Psychology in Somatic diseases, Tilburg University, The Netherlands. Read more...

Diabetes MILES - Australia 2011 Survey Report

The Diabetes MILES - Australia 2011 Survey Report was launched in Sydney on Monday 14 May and is now available to researchers, health professionals and people with diabetes. Click here to read the report.



Not enough time to read the full Diabetes MILES - Australia 2011 Survey Report? To read the highlights and learn about the key messages click here.


Nefs G, Bot M, Browne JL, Speight J, Pouwer F. Diabetes MILES - The Netherlands: rationale, design and sample characteristics of a national survey examining the psychological aspects of living with diabetes in Dutch adults. BMC Public Health. In press 2012


Speight J, Browne JL, Holmes-Truscott E, Hendrieckx C, Pouwer F. "The well-being and support needs of Australian adults with type 1 and type 2 diabetes: First results from Diabetes MILES - Australia". ADS-ADEA Annual Scientific Meeting, Gold Coast, Australia, August 2012.

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